My job is to connect the dots with visual design as my pen.

What is the soul of your business, and how can we visually communicate that for people to not only see, but to feel and connect with? I listen, and I help you articulate the heartbeat of your uniqueness. Once we have the pulse, I can craft the creative ways of syncing your heartbeat with the heartbeat of your customers.

I have the pen, and I'm ready to find the dots and create the most meaningful path between them. 

Things to note.

No big reveals.

I believe in consistent communication and collaboration with the people who hire me. You will be included in the process from start to finish.

Open and honest communication is for always.

Nuff said.

My services include


brand strategy

brand positioning

brand design guidelines


visual identity


logo design


UX consulting

user interface design

packaging design

environmental design


marketing campaigns

social media campaigns

& all your swag desires

Meet Meredith

Meredith Elzea works hard to remove labels from her identity, but if she were to choose one to subscribe to, it would be communicator. From a young age, she has naturally taken to visual arts in order to communicate her inner world, doodling on every piece of paper in front of her - and still does. In sixth grade, her class assignment was to interview an adult with a job she found interesting. She interviewed the local graphic designer. Fast forward to when she entered into the human computer interaction design masters program at Indiana University. She sought to understand how to create meaningful experiences through design and how to communicate these experiences. Since then, she has worked as a UX designer in the Bay Area, traveled to 23 countries, immersed herself in numerous cultures, and has been (& continues to be) a teacher and a student of language and design, all with the intention of exploring her true identity and the most authentic ways of communicating it. Now her mission is to help others do the same.


Note: she promises you it won't take that long of a journey to help you find your meaningful identity :)


Celebrating Día de Muertos in Oaxaca.

Meredith currently resides in Oaxaca, Mexico with the goal of becoming bilingual in Spanish while continuing to further her career as a designer and artist.  

Creative Director, Designer, & Artist